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After twenty-five years of exercising in gyms with a personal trainer, weights, and machines, I moved to Glasgow during the pandemic.  Gyms were not open, but I came across David’s website and started exercising with him virtually via FaceTime in a small room in our new home.  He uses his expert knowledge of body mechanics rather than weights and machines to achieve results.  You start slowly, precisely performing such exercises as squats, lunges, planks, and press ups.   You initially doubt that these gentle exercises will have any significant impact.  Once you have mastered the techniques of doing them properly, however, he introduces variations that make them increasingly difficult and taxing to accomplish.  And after a few weeks, you are expending the same energy as you did in the gym with weights and machines and, more important, you are becoming stronger and your movements are progressively more flexible and graceful.  Since the variations David can introduce to the exercises are infinite, I am looking forward to doing them for many years to come. 

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After attempting and failing to curb my eating and lower my weight along with improving my fitness over the years with various diets and health kicks, I went to David for advice on eating and dietary assistance. He tweaked a number of things I was doing wrong and gave me advice on alternatives and I instantly found results, dropping around 20 pounds in under two months.

Chris S , Newlands

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