TRX Suspension Training…..All Core, All the Time

There are many ways of burning calories and becoming fitter, stronger and more flexible, but TRX Suspension Training has to be one of the most versatile and enjoyable.

  • See and feel a rapid transformation in body shape, cardio fitness and overall strength with TRX
  • A flabby middle will disappear as every exercise works your core muscles
  • No chance of boredom in these 30 minute sessions as you move constantly from one exercise to the next
  • Everyone can benefit from TRX as each exercise is easily adjusted to your fitness level
  • We motivate, instruct and monitor you constantly to ensure you achieve the maximum effect
To help understand TRX Training, please watch this video

TRX Suspension Training cannot be explained easily in words or even in still photos, so we’ve selected this video to explain how it can benefit all levels of fitness, how easy it is to move from one exercise to the other and how much fun it is to use.

What we offer

1 to 1 sessions are taught Online worldwide

One to One TRX Sessions: The ultimate for personal attention!

Exercises always match your specific needs plus 100% attention on your technique to ensure maximum effect.

These sessions are taught online by appointment.



One to One Online Sessions (30 Minutes)
Block of 10 x 30 minute Sessions – £300

Any cancellation within 24 hours of the session appointment will be charged at the full cost.

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