Power Plate Training…. Shorter Workouts… Faster Results!

30 minute 1 to 1 Power Plate Sessions magnify the effects of each exercise to deliver much faster results

  • Lose inches from your waist
  • Transform your body shape
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Burn more calories during and after each session
  • Build strength in muscles and bones
  • Far more effective than conventional exercises
  • Our machines use totally different technology from ones you see in tanning salons, shopping channels or for hire
Watch this video to see some of our clients in action
(Due to the closure of our studios, the free trial is no longer available)

What we offer

  • Power Plate sessions are 1 to 1 Personal Training appointments for 30 minutes
  • Make full use of your home equipment
  • Constant supervision from Power Plate Qualified Instructors ensures perfect technique bringing you faster results
  • Home Programme for you to use between sessions
  • Individually designed exercise programmes to match your fitness level and goals
  • Continually evolving programme as your fitness improves


Block of 10 x 30 minute sessions – £300

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