Carole C


As I approach my 40’s I wanted to do some formal fitness rather than my usual running having visited various gyms I stumbled across these guys, they felt right for me. Sceptical as I was I decided to try Power Plate, bloody hell it has got to be the hardest 25 mins ever but what amazing results I have found muscles that I didn’t even know I had but all in a 25 min session. It is a funny thing, you do a load of different exercises like a normal person except you stand on a platform that gently vibrates and it really works!! What I find most amazing is how doing exercises with someone who knows how to get the best out of being in the correct position makes all the difference. Well done for putting up with my moaning and for pushing me on, I would never manage this on my own!! My running is even improving and I think my sore back too, from multiple pregnancies, is actually getting better……surely not!! Is this possible!!??

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I used to go to a gym several times a week and spend hours exercising without getting the results I wanted. I explained to David exactly what I wanted my body to look like and relied on his knowledge to choose the exercises. With his constant supervision and encouragement I’m now in the best shape I’ve ever been and all in just 2 sessions per week!

Artemis T , Knightswood

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