Margaret S.

Prestwick, Ayrshire

Earlier in the year I had the great good fortune to hear about David from a friend at work. My personal circumstances had recently changed and we were discussing what I might do next. I decided I was going to concentrate on improving my overall fitness, so my friend recommended her personal trainer, David. I wasn’t sure; I thought I would feel too self-conscious and I was apprehensive. Aren’t personal trainers for sporty types? That’s definitely not me! And what would an introductory meeting be like? Like most people I’ve joined various classes over the years, but never stuck with them; I’ve had gym memberships and even did an induction and got a personal programme at one point. But worried that what I was doing in the gym might not be right for my repetitive strain injuries (shoulder and wrist) and troublesome right hip; it just didn’t seem sensible. Nevertheless, I did want to do something to improve the RSI and my overall fitness. My friend continued to talk about her sessions and the benefits of David’s one-to-one tuition, so I got over my trepidation and arranged an appointment. I shouldn’t have worried. David is very approachable and so easy to talk to. His holistic approach, years of experience and knowledge of fitness and nutrition (even cooking!) means I get so much more from our sessions than I would ever have expected. He has many ways of keeping his sessions interesting and challenging and is totally focused on achieving results for you; my home programme isn’t dependent on specialist equipment so I can continue getting the benefits of my sessions right through the week, with the comfort of David’s precise instructions in my head – you soon appreciate the importance of correct positioning to get the best results with David! I’m starting my sixth block of two sessions a week and I can honestly say I feel so lucky to have David as my PT. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions and feel stronger, more toned and flexible than I have before. Just a final point to illustrate David’s holistic approach – in the introductory meeting David said he could be contacted at anytime for advice; I thanked him, but said I didn’t see me doing that. However, while on holiday my hip seized up and I was due to go on a tour the following day, so I did what I said I wouldn’t do and sent a text to David asking for advice. David responded almost immediately and was able to advise me how to address the issue…next morning, all gone! I really can’t recommend David highly enough and should you decide to make him your personal trainer too, I’m sure you’ll never regret it.

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I started going twice a week and in only six weeks I have lost two and a half inches off my waist, an inch off my thighs and an inch of my arms.

Louise , Carmunnock

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