Gillian B


Overweight and extremely self-conscious, the idea of going to the gym has as always been a daunting one and taking the plunge to contact David for a consultation was one of the hardest things I have done.

Discussing my personal demons relating to weight and body image is something I have avoided for a lifetime, but I needn’t have worried, from the initial email contact, to the consultation and the numerous exercise sessions since, David (and Caroline) has been brilliant creating an atmosphere of positivity, being highly motivating and actively listening throughout.

David’s highly professional manner and technical knowledge has worked wonders for me so far.  When I first came to him, I had real issues with pain in my wrists and shoulders as well as hyper-mobility throughout.  David has been able to analyse the movement of my body and provide me with a programme that not only improves my overall fitness, but increases the flexibility in my joints as well as my control over my hyper-mobile joints and thus reduces pain.  My wrists and shoulders now move more freely allowing me to concentrate on further improving my overall fitness.  David has also been able to advise me on nutrition and I am starting to see real results in weight loss, body tone and general health.

Starting my fitness journey with David in Five Star Fitness was the best thing I did in 2018. I am looking forward to even more results in 2019.

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After attempting and failing to curb my eating and lower my weight along with improving my fitness over the years with various diets and health kicks, I went to David for advice on eating and dietary assistance. He tweaked a number of things I was doing wrong and gave me advice on alternatives and I instantly found results, dropping around 20 pounds in under two months.

Chris S , Newlands

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