Sustaining Weight Loss

It’s now the middle of February and those of you who made New Year resolutions to lose weight and get fit should be well on the way to achieving your goals. I hope your journey has been successful and in this article I’d like to talk about sustaining weight loss which is THE most important part and often the trickiest to achieve.

Losing weight can be very simple as just about any “diet,” whether it’s this year’s bestselling book or older established slimming clubs combined with a lot of will power, will achieve results but do you really want to go through this same process every January and also on the run up to your summer holidays?

Here’s the big secret: My simple “diet” advice I’ve written about in previous articles on here extends to sustaining weight loss too! Following the latest bestselling diet book or attending a slimming club won’t help in sustaining your weight loss because most people simply return to their old eating pattern which is exactly what the slimming clubs and diet book authors need in order to make more money.

The basic changes of eating regularly, not missing meals, not eating mountains of food and avoiding processed food and takeaways plus adding regular exercise should be all that’s needed for the vast majority of people. There’s really no need to complicate it further.

I took on quite a few people last year who’d been inspired to contact me after seeing the results achieved by my client, Chris (see the earlier blog, “Weight Loss and an emerging 6 Pack”) and two of their testimonials are printed below. I’m delighted to say that they’ve embraced the need to change their eating pattern and have been successful at maintaining their new slimmer body and higher level of fitness.

Tipu K.

Working with David has been an absolute joy and a tremendous pleasure. Having come to David overweight I was desperate to get back in shape and determined to get back down to 11 Stone. I arrived weighing 13 stone 2 lbs and with his help with my diet and with 2 sessions a week focusing on Powerplate training along with 2 sessions a week doing David’s “homework” has resulted in major success. I lost almost 3 stone in the space of 4 months and feel so much faster, fitter and generally much better. My body shape has changed drastically and I am much more confident when wearing new clothes and going out as well. In addition, my body fat percentage has reduced from 28% to 15%.

I would like to add that not only working with David has been rewarding personally, I admire the fact that he really takes his clients’ interests and welfare to heart. Thank you very much David!

Ross A.

I decided to take Personal Training sessions from Five Star Fitness after seeing the results of some of their clients. I wasn’t disappointed – following David’s instruction and guidance I lost over a stone and a half in a couple of months!
Very personable, very flexible and always available to keep you motivated – well worth it.

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