The Only Diet You’ll Ever Need!

As we approach the beginning of May and thoughts turn towards the possibility of warmer weather and beach holidays, many people start thinking of losing weight to look their best in their summer clothes, so is it going to be the latest best selling diet book or perhaps back to Weight Watchers this time?

Diet books and diet companies all have one thing in common…they all make lots of money. If they actually worked in the long term that money stream would eventually dry up and they’d be out of business. Diets are restrictive, time consuming and overly complex. By “going on a diet” you are setting yourself up to coming off the diet with no permanent change to your eating habits. Here’s the Five Star Fitness answer.

Firstly, you need to stop making things too complicated by getting caught up with eating certain amounts of protein and carbohydrate, missing out entire food groups and counting every single calorie. Who has time or can be bothered doing that continually? Make it easy and it can be sustained for life without much effort and you’ll never have to go on another diet again. Sadly for the diet companies there’s no continual revenue stream but for you there’s success and overall wellbeing.

As far as the food is concerned, it requires just three things from you, cutting your portion sizes, restricting (or eliminating) processed foods and takeaways and finally…… a bit of self discipline.

Here’s an email one of our clients sent us to back up this easy diet idea:

Well……. 4 weeks and I have lost 6.5lbs….. Almost half a stone!! I must say, I am rather proud of that!  Just cutting back on the oil and having fat free yoghurt when I’m having them, cutting all the fat off meats, even the fat off bacon if we have it.

This client was never one for processed foods, only had the occasional takeaway meal and she has now cut her portion sizes as well. Although she is addressing her overall fat intake, it’s done simply by cutting back and not eliminating.

The other factor is an increase in overall activity. Our lives tend to be quite sedentary but our portion sizes would fuel an Olympic athlete. By increasing your activity you’ll start burning up some of those calories and with a bit of patience, you too could lose half a stone in a month.

Are you going to clean up your diet and cut portion sizes? Are you going to get off the couch and increase your activity? Follow our simple idea and tell us about your success.

Ready to get started?