Weight Loss and an emerging 6 Pack!

A big weight loss and an emerging 6 pack in a very short time is an amazing result for our client Chris. He has kindly supplied “before” and “after” photos and written a testimonial, plus we’ve added a few words to offer more detail about how we helped him achieve his transformation.

Chris’ Testimonial

“After attempting and failing to curb my eating and lower my weight along with improving my fitness over the years with various diets and health kicks, I went to David for advice on eating and dietary assistance. He tweaked a number of things I was doing wrong and gave me advice on alternatives and I instantly found results, dropping around 20 pounds in under two months. I also take part in 1 to 1 TRX lessons twice a week and follow a home program which has given me further confidence that I can change my life style for the better.

When I first spoke to David I told him that I play football a couple of times a week and he designed both my home program and my TRX lessons to help my game. I now find that I’m much faster and can also twist, turn and stop far quicker than before.”

Weight Loss for Chris

Chris has achieved a lot in such a short space of time and continues to improve. Weight loss was number one on his list of priorities and he’s listened carefully and acted on the eating advice I’ve given him with really great results. There’s been no fad diet ideas, no missing out entire food groups, no fasting, no weight loss pills, no meal replacements, no detox and above all, no hungry Chris. Instead, it’s been “clean eating” with little or no processed foods just meat, fish, vegetables, pulses and grains. Portion sizes are sensible so that he’s got enough fuel (food) for his working day, his exercise and football without being hungry but also not enough to be overeating. He’s asked for advice about eating out at restaurants and ordering takeaway food plus I’ve made sure that he eats regularly to keep his energy levels up….no missing meals (particularly breakfast) or going from lunchtime to seven or eight o’clock in the evening without food. This seems to be a very common problem for people trying to control their weight.

What Chris has achieved is a balanced and sustainable relationship with food that can last a lifetime. No need to ever “go on a diet” and he can eat anything he wants, just not too much of the “bad” stuff.

Exercise for Chris

High on his list of priorities was a strong core and reduced waistline, you only need to look at his photos to see how much the waistline has improved. As well as addressing this, his love of football led me to design an exercise programme that would help him to be faster, stronger and generally move better on the pitch. I based his sessions with me around TRX Suspension Training as this involves the core muscles in every single exercise and allows all the muscles of the body to be worked together while also burning up calories and improving his cardio fitness. As he improves his strength and fitness, the exercises are progressed to keep challenging him. TRX training also allows far more multi directional moves than traditional cardio and weights machines in a gym which would explain why he can twist and turn to avoid tackles on the football pitch and be generally faster and more nimble.

His home exercise programme is brief but effective to complement his TRX sessions and speed up his progress.

In Conclusion

No more to say but a BIG “Well done Chris!”

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